The work you do for your clients is important and not enough people know it. You didn’t start your business to be "in it" on a daily basis. You want your business to grow. 

Partner with Virtual Jane Business Services LLC to help more clients and grow your business so that you can do what you do best. Customer service, if done by the owner, can sap all of your energy. Delegate your workload to us and gain more time for your personal life and business success. 

We offer a unique set of services that will build better relationships with clients and keep you one step ahead of the competition. 

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Benefits of Contracting with Virtual Jane:
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You save money by paying for results instead of a block of hours.

No paying for taxes, overhead, or buying equipment.

You gain a tax deduction for use of my services.

Increase company productivity by 50% in less than 3 months.

Provides you with peace of mind; Your business is in good hands.​
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